Guitar Lessons at the Norwegian School, London

Dan Hoyes - Guitar Tutor

Continuing for the 2017-2018 school year, I will be the resident guitar tutor at the Norwegian School based in Wimbledon.

I will be offering individual lessons for pupils of the school at a rate of £20 per 30 minute lesson on either a Tuesday or Thursday (subject to availability). The lessons will take place at the school in an upstairs classroom. I will also be helping to run the band sessions after school on a Thursday afternoon.

  • Teaching for over 10 years.
  • DBS checked
  • Beginners to advanced. All genres
  • Collected and written a huge amount of resources for guitar (view the song list).
  • Happy to work out songs on request.
  • Also teach bass guitar, ukulele, mandolin, songwriting and music production.
  • RGT registered tutor – can guide through grade exams if you wish


Every year, there is a concert for all the pupils of Norwegian School instrument tutors. This works well, as it can be something to work towards, as well as a lot of fun on the day.


  • £200 for ten 30-minute lessons
  • £290 for ten 45-minute lessons

Although the lessons take place at the school and the band sessions I run are a school activity, the private lessons are not – and as such, payments are to be made directly to myself. Lessons are to be paid for in batches of 10. As there would usually be roughly, 10 lessons each term, this would roughly equate to £200 a term. I can take payment by cheque sent with your child or I can send an invoice and take payment online via bank transfer or paypal.


If a lesson needs to be cancelled, you must give at least 48 hours notice. Lessons will obviously not take place outside of term time. If the pupil cannot make the lesson due to a school trip/activity, you still need to notify me. This is because I am only in school a couple of afternoons per week, and I can’t be notified by the school of activities for every age group.

On occasions, I may need to cancel a lesson myself. This would often be due to occasional touring work as a session musician that I am offered. This does not happen often, and if there are more than a few lessons missed each term, I shall try to provide cover for those lessons.

It is also worth noting that as theses lessons are private, the pupil would have to make his/her own way to the upstairs classroom at the correct time, as it would not be the staff’s responsibility. If they are not there immediately, I can go to find the pupil – but this does mean the lesson ends up being shorter.

N.B. My skills in the Norwegian language are virtually non-existent! (Although I’m keen on learning a few phrases to help with the lessons!) Depending on how much experience your child has had speaking English, it may be beneficial for you to sit in the first few lessons with us.